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Our Story

Our Roots Grow Deep


Since 1791 our family has been farming the top of a hill in Berlin, Vermont. Krysta and Ben are the current stewards of the land and farm regeneratively to improve the soil and sequester carbon each and every day.
We raise pastured poultry and pork and organically-managed, pastured beef. Our animals spend their lives exhibiting their natural instincts. Our pigs love to root our soils, our chickens are moved to fresh pasture daily and happily peck away searching for insects. Our cows intensively rotationally graze, moving to new pasture daily. 
Our animals are raised with love and they in turn provide nourishment for our community with their sweet, tender meat.
In the early springtime, we sugar the 'old-fashioned' way. We tap our maple trees, hang buckets to collect their sap and hand boil the sap to delicious Maple Syrup in our wood-fired evaporator. Taste the history and care in our small-batch, artisanal pure Maple Syrup.

Our Story: History
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