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Testimonials: Testimonials

Wow! We are so happy with our CSA delivery! I am cooking the amazing beef roast tonight and very excited for dinner. It feels so good to know we are not supporting factory meat farming but a local farm in our area.

Genevieve, Monthly Meats CSA Member


We are so exited to get more of your wonderful meats. It is so superior to supermarket poultry, pork and beef.

Barbara, Monthly Meats CSA Member


This is the best meat we've ever had!

Marissa, Monthly Meats CSA Member


The pork chops were absolutely perfect! We look forward to buying again and are grateful for a local farm to buy more meats from. We love seeing your farm grow!

Kaley, Bulk Meat Box Customer


This is the MOST AMAZING and Delicious Maple Syrup I have ever tasted!!! The amber color is incredible. It's over the top.

Kim, Maple Syrup Customer

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